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"Plant of modern materials" is the Siberian manufacturer of composite panels.

Our plant has started its production activity in 2015. The main profile of the plant is the production of high quality steel and aluminum composite panels that are used in construction and other areas.

The plant works with well-known Russian producers which supply the raw materials for production. Quality of incoming raw materials and finished products passes control in our own laboratory.

In our plant was formed the stock of steel and aluminum coils to reduce the time of production. The maximum production time of the order from the acceptance to the shipment to the consumer does not exceed 20 days.

Also the plant has professional machinery and equipment allowing to make products of varying complexity, more about the services of the plant can be found in section of the finished products.

The company employs highly qualified project engineers who can help to calculate the complete set of the facade, can offer constructive proposal of the complex product and solve non-standard issues with the production of composite and other sheet materials in the fields of: construction, engineering, shipbuilding etc.

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